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About FPM Hydraulic Consulting

Ian has worked on, in, and around machinery since 1995 and has had a keen interest in design for 20 years. He previously worked as a custom farm operator in Eastern Ontario, and for the past 15 years, has been a Mobile Hydraulic Technician designing a broad range of hydraulic based equipment. 

Ian’s credentials:

  • Diploma in Agriculture (McGill University)
  • Certified Hydraulic Specialist (Fluid Power Society)
  • Certified Mobile Hydraulic Technician (Fluid Power Society)

FPM Hydraulic Consulting can positively affect the way machinery is designed and modified, from reviewing designs and drawing schematics, to educational courses custom designed to suit your business needs. Ian and FPM Hydraulic Consulting are committed to ensuring designs are done efficiently, cost effectively, and safely.


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